5 Sentences About Pencil | 5 Lines on Pencil

Today I will  share with you the 5 Sentences About Pencil for student in English.


5 Sentences About Pencil

5 Sentences About Pencil

1: We can write anything with a pencil
2: pencil helps draw the sketch
3: pencil is very important for Children
4: it is made of graphite and wood
5: it can easily be found in the stationary shop


5 Lines on Pencil

1 it has different colors
2: if you write anything wrong with a pencil then you can easily erase it with a Rubber
3: pencil price is affordable
4: Students can write with a pencil in an exam
5:it has many brands like Natraj, apsara, and many more

Few lines on pencil

1: it can easily keep in the pencil box
2: you can create any type of picture with pencil


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