5 Sentences About Parrot In English For Children And Student

Do you want to know 5 sentences about parrot in English?

If you are a student then this article will be useful for you.

You will learn many things. So without further delay let’s get started.


5 sentences about parrot in English

5 Sentences about parrot in English

1: parrot is very lovely birds
2: parrot is an intelligent bird
3: it behaves like a human
4: it has different colors
5: people love to keep parrot in their home

5 Lines about parrot in english

1: The life of parrots up to 100 years
2: parrot eats fruit
3: parrot is the beautiful bird
4: parrot has two legs
5: A parrot is a loving animal

Few lines about parrot

1: Parrot is naughty birds
2: parrot is both animal and a birds


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