5 Sentences About Cow | Lines on Cow In English

This article is about the cow. So today I will share with you 5 Sentences About Cow in English.

If you don’t know the line on cow in English then you are at the right place.


5 Sentences About Cow


5 Sentences About Cow in english

1: Cow has Four leg

2: Cow has one tail

3: Cow has Two eyes

4: Cow is Domestic animal

5: Cow is not aggressive like other animal


5 Sentences About Cow

1: Cow milk is healthy

2: Cow Eat grass

3:  Cow has one nose

4: Cow  has two ears

5:  Cow have many different colors

5 Sentences About Cow


More Lines on Cow In English


1: Cow gave birth to calf

2: Cow gives milk


Final words


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